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Who are you? Why are you here? And... How to survive? In this game, as in my other projects, you will have to choose how you will behave, each action will affect the consequences. Now the game is in English and you, dear player, can enjoy it. Become the head of a gang, create your own, become a slave, or be the one that everyone will be afraid of? Show me what people are really made of... Well, not literally, of course.

The game will explain everything in detail, so I will not waste your time, download and play! I will be actively engaged in updates if you also actively support me on PATREON. There you will have the opportunity to influence the characters, improve, add new scenes by voting. From there, you will also learn the latest news. I also have a page on devianart. This is the first version and only it will be free.

I also now have Twitter, where you can follow the news.


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May i ask is there any ending with the guardian robo girl?


is there any chance you update the walkthough since it is 0.8 and doens't include 6 endings or anyway i can learn how to finish that 6 ending specially this photo.


You need to find more Bafos signs and be friends with the girl in the porcelain mask, either you will become a vessel, or she will. This is an option with her.

thank you


Cn some one give me walkthrough psf or something i am lost in this game psls help btw love the concept

https://ubarefeet.ru/ - You can find it here.


At least some of the art may be traced, but at least there's gameplay

Overall, not a bad game. I couldn't unlock the reaper or guardian event when I entered Sam and when I entered Samantha. But overall good game . I'm not sure if the Sam/Samantha thing and if the reaper part is bugged, but great game!

Soon you can try the new update for two faceless adventures, just wait end of the month.

oh awesome, thank you for trying to help earlier btw I think there's something wrong with the name system on space prison, the main character just won't remember her, I don't know why.

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That's really hard ending, and even I can't remember how to get it, so

the girl one? Yea idk I think it's broken? I've tried both names, nothing works

No, it isn't, I checked it

For the reaper, do I just need deamons?

Does anyone know how to progress with the guardian? For some reason I can't get enough memory for her? I don't know how, the guide kinda loses me when it comes to gathering memory

I don't remember everything, but you need to go with Gasmask girl, when they ask you at the club, you have to write Sam/Samantha, this will increase memory points. Her name will just become known to you after the first passage.

ah, I wrote Samantha and she didn't remember her. I'll try with Sam. On a side note, how are you doing Ubarefeet?

also, when you say I need to go with the girl in the mask, when is this? I don't think I've ever been able to go to the club with the girl in mask before 


I am well. During the first working day, you have to ask her about the strange symbols, for this you must first find the symbol of Baphomet in the shower, as far as I remember. In any case, there is a passage on the official website.

oh yes! I tried looking at the guide you made and the following things confuse me

1.is the only way to be with neko is by having low position and high oral? Because I wasn't able to have high position and oral at the same time

2. When I went with mom, in the guard area, it seems I'm stuck? I can't find the key, and the guards shoot me on sight

Side note: thank you for taking the time to help me out 

I have an issue, when I try downloading the game on Android it doesn't work, and I don't know what to do 

Perhaps your android version is simply not supported

I've been trying to get this 3 endings (Dick Slave, I'm in a gang, The golden pyramid) and i can't figure out how to get them, and the walkthrough on the official site doesn't help that much. Can you tell me what should i do to get them?

I'm too busy developing new projects, the situation in the world and so on, friend. And after all, there really is a passage on the site. Try it yourself, or ask around on the forums, maybe someone will answer. I can't start the game again right now, and replay it for everyone who asks, I hope you'll understand me.


I understand that, maybe someone who already played the game will answer me

oh yea and i pay on pc and the buttons dont work when i playing  a minigame i cant do anything because the buttons dont work


They don't work only on android, unfortunately. And yes, there really is not everything in the menu of endings, consider that you have found "special"


hey dude, if you finished the game, do you know what should i do to get the endings The golden pyramid and Dick slave?

i have no idea i dont have all the endings sry

why are the endings not show up in the endings menu?

there are som that show up ,but there are som that are not

how to save sarah, i’m using android and i can’t use my keyboard

QTE don't work on Android

looking through the game files i noticed a boy and girl avatar is there supposed to be a gender selection?

btw i haven't played a game so much like this one

There is no gender choice and there shouldn't be. The character literally has a name and a history, and whether she can remember them during the game is up to you.

I think her game has potential, could last a little longer and maybe be more liberating, as I would like to see her give birth, take care of and be pampered by Arachne at the end of brood. And if you can find an artist to improve the characters it will be even more amazing.

What is the code for Arachne's cell?


Thank you^^


the game asks me for a code after reaching the end "free and happy" with lilit. could you tell me?


It is literally written on the official page of the game on the website. https://ubarefeet.ru/portfolio/space-prison/ Password: 20354

When will the final version be released free?

When the demo of the new game for Patrons will be released.

When will that be?

It's hard to say. But I can assure you for sure that it will take at least a month.

Ok thank you, and take care of yourself same goes for your team.

Any more games planned?

(1 edit)

Thanks. The same to you, but I work alon. I am just new now developing a game. This will be an RPG. You can find out more information on the official website.

is there a submissive and dominant form of all the characters? I want to see the wolf leader (queen) submissive

Here is no Wolf leader submissive scenes, sorry(

which characters are submissive and dominant?

Girl from level A, Neko level C, Nalo, Robot-Support, Lily, Sarah, Maskgirl, I can forgot someone, but there's pretty much sub/dom characters.

wow it's a super complete game, thanks <3

how do i save?

In version 0.95 there is no bug fix, so you will have to reach any of the endings and only after that you will get to the main menu, after which the game will work normally.  Bugs have been fixed in the final version.


I'm playing the final android. How do I do QTE?

Sorry, it's not work correctly, I can give you a PC version, is it okay?


I think I already have access to it since I paid. Itch.io tends to give you all versions if you paid the money.

I understand, however, I will think about how to implement QTE elections on android.

Deleted post

Today, the final version of the space prison is released on Patron) Thank you for your feedback, I'm trying my best

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Ok so I've played most of the game and I've explored a lot of the route (though I haven't finished a single playthrough cause I decided to switch up). A tip from me for anybody just starting. Play a submissive run first. I tried multiple dom runs but died far to many times. In submissive runs its not easy to die since you get a lot of pills. The only choice you really wanna make is who you wanna serve. But dominant runs are far more difficult. When I first did dom playthroughs, I tried to maintain relationships with gangs (the nekos being the only ones I could really interact with) as well as position. But as you can imagine you aren't getting paid many pills and since you are trying to maintain position you have to pay pills. Throughout the game you gotta choose when to submit even if you have the position to resist. Its basically just playing the game on hard mode, which i find far more fun, but as I said, play submissive first it gives you a chance to check out your options without risk of dying


The game is still not ready to finish, but you correctly noticed the basic concept of the game. The final version of the game will have a list of all available endings, so you can see which ones you have opened and which ones you haven't. Well, for those who really follow the game and want to see how it develops, I advise you to visit the official website and Twitter. On the site you can find something like a bestiary, as well as a walkthrough, and on Twitter new art and my posts.

Haven't played in quite a few updates, have more dom scenes been added?

Yes, they did.

How can i start a new game on the 0.85? Only with the code?


Emmm...You only need to enter the code if you have finished the game with the ending where Samantha becomes free. she tells you that it is on the site. It`s here: ubarefeet.ru

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You are welcome)

I am getting this error in linux version:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

ScriptError: Name (u'renpy/common/000atl.rpy', 1574056649, 50) is defined twice, at renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25 and renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/bootstrap.py", line 326, in bootstrap


  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/main.py", line 447, in main

    renpy.game.script.load_script() # sets renpy.game.script.

  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/script.py", line 283, in load_script

    self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)

  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/script.py", line 779, in load_appropriate_file

    self.finish_load(stmts, initcode, filename=lastfn)

  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/script.py", line 468, in finish_load


  File "/home/abhay/Desktop/Games/SpacePrison-0.83-linux/renpy/script.py", line 451, in check_name

    bad_node.filename, bad_node.linenumber))

ScriptError: Name (u'renpy/common/000atl.rpy', 1574056649, 50) is defined twice, at renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25 and renpy/common/000atl.rpy:25.

(1 edit)

I'll check it. It is a pity that I do not have the opportunity to try it on my PC, since I have windows. At what point does this error appear?

When I try starting the game this error appears.

Hmm, strange, you are the first to report the problem, maybe it appeared in the latest version. Try a new one when it goes public.



You can try new version. Is it have same error?

Deleted 2 years ago

 It's because of new engine, I'll try to fix it new version. Trust me the game is clear.

Deleted 2 years ago

is there any scenes with the girl in the gasmask

Not yet, but they will appear in one of the final updates.

if the art was like futa fix this game would be hype..


I have no doubt, but unfortunately I make the game alone and I don't have any good artists in this genre, so I have to try myself.


try to reach out to them


best game

Thank you :3 New version is already available for Patrons


this game made me realize im a true beta .. i love it

It's good to hear*_*! There will be a new update coming soon so don't relax)

I can’t wait!! I’m a huge fan of this game , nothing like being put into place  ;) 

by the way there's no feature that allows to reset the game and try the other options


Just start at the beginning. And I wrote the password for A-22 below.

I want to know that password

Will there ever be a guide released? Or is there one currently available? 

There is a short description with hints on the site. Ubarefeet.ru

Arachne pass?



(1 edit)

You still amaze me as always,i loved the new version but sadly i still can't see Sarah's content due to QTE,i have no idea what's there but hey  that's good it will be a whole new experience when i try it on PC (when i get a new one xD) ,anyway good luck on your future projects and updates keep up the good work! Oh btw don't remove QTE it's fun AND interactive but my suggestion would be add something that can be optimized for both android and pc without taking too much coding

Thank you. In reality, the next games will most likely differ in genre from what I am currently doing, for example one of the games will be released on a different engine altogether, so I think it should be interesting, but I really have a lot of work now, such as adding a gallery and a lot of things, you need to really try, because you need to come up with and plot, write characters, draw all this (perhaps for me this is the most time-consuming) and doing all this alone on a laptop is rather difficult, so I accept any support in my business, including and positive comments that help too.

I love the game but on android how can I save sara

Hi, unfortunately the qte mechanics are not adapted to Android, so... You'll have to try it on a PC. In the next games, I will get rid of this mechanic.


Can't do Sarah's QTE on android,and i have the same exception before the shower scene as the guy down there too,but hey i just wanted to say it's an amazing game and i absolutely love it,keep up the good work and i am looking forward to more amazingly mind blowing updates 

As for the shower scene, to be honest, I don't understand what it's about, it would be better if you described the bug in more detail, but with a QTE event... to be honest, it is quite difficult to adapt it for Android, but I will try to avoid this mechanic in the next update. Thanks anyway, a new update for Patreons will be released around the 20th, and towards the end of the month for everyone, endings with Sarah and Lilith will be added, as well as a new branch with red skin. And something else...

 Thank you I am glad that you are happy with the game, I understand the frequent complaints about drawing, but unfortunately I can't afford an artist yet, so I do everything I can and accept the help of those who are willing to help me.

(2 edits)

well i hope this helps,its straight after you meet mom and right before you get the choice whether to stay with mom or follow the girl 

The exception i. Get goes like this 

Exception: could not load image u'images/bg/level_a/change1.jpg

JPEG loading error

As for the QTE  events maybe turn it into a normal stats check for android version like the other choices or a mini game  

 Weird... I checked, the file is in place and everything works for me, I will check after the update on the Android device, maybe the bug is in the phone. And at the expense of adapting QTE, if I do this, then at the end of the game, when all the code is ready, as well as the translation, since the game is primarily on the computer. Now the problem is solved by simply clicking the Ignore button in the console that appears. The image looks like this (attached file), the girl's character just leaves the frame. 

 In any case, thank you for the detailed description, now I at least understand what to fix. Do you have the same problem in the new version?


If you mean version 0.6 then yes it does  happen there unless you just releasesd a hot fix,  but the problem isn't just the image if i press Ignore it automatically makes Me choose to stay with mom doesn't even give me a choice to folllow the girl or not,maybe it is my phone i have it's not that game breaking bug anyway,it just makes me miss the girl shower scene and automatically makes me watch the mom scene,i was just curious if it affects the second encounter with the girl (if it's the same one) 

Influences, in addition to replicas, the scenes will differ in that you can dominate, both over her, and obey. you can also agree to call her mistress and in the future it will also have events (not in this update, since there is no third meeting)

On Android an exception always occurs after you talk to the masked girl for the first time and go wash.

Is it a know bug?

No, you can choose shower or something else on the screen.

I meant that the an error occurs,it happens before any choice is given.

Can you drop the error text here? If this is true, then I'll fix it.

(2 edits) (+1)

It's a pretty great game, but I've got a few issues, sorry if I sound harsh. 1. I get pulled out of the game sometimes by the mistakes in wording, not blaming you, learning more than one language is difficult (and so is just speaking it), but if you know anyone who speaks english well or is native to somewhere english is spoken, ask them to proofread. It would improve the game so much. 

Secondly, it seems as you have to make a choice. Either be incredibly subby and get most of the sexual scenes, or go the dominant  way and get a lot less. So I suggest either adding more scenes for dominant currently (like when the Snake girl askes you to massage her feet, if your stats allow it, you can make her massage/and lick yours. Or (I assume this is what you plan on doing but Ima say it anyway) add more scenes in the future. So in the beginning you get all the sub sex scenes and in the end you get the dom. Otherwise, the high position state really fucks with the lewd part of this game and that's lame

Third (not an issue just something I'm confused about) . Their seems to be multiple different art styles in this, so are their multiple artists working on this? Or is some of it narrowed art. It was just kinda confusing when I see this character like this, then she moves and she just looks a bit different. All of the art is good and for sure better than what I can do, but it's not consistent  which kinda confuses me.

Fourth, their seems to be a bug loading or presenting an image. You can skip through the scene, I'm pretty sure it's a shower scene, but I'd like to see what's happening.

Besides that I love the game. I love the plot. And I love the characters

So, first of all, thank you for the big, detailed answer. Criticism is the best reason to move forward, not to please everyone, but I try. So, in order.

1. Writing the text. I know exactly what you're talking about. Errors, crooked wording, and long sentences without time. Unfortunately, my native language syntax is very different. A banal example is the simple phrase I love you! = I love you! = Я люблю тебя! I can say in Russian: Я ТЕБЯ люблю! or Я люблю ТЕБЯ! or Тебя люблю Я! And in English, unfortunately, the wording is the same. In addition, long sentences are rare in English, and in Russian long sentences with lots of commas are the norm. I have a text editor, in the new update, which will not be released until the 30th, I did a lot of work with it, but only in the first Chapter. Well, a little in the second.

2. About the dominance part. I understand perfectly well, now there is a scene in the shower in which the girl licks the main character's pussy, but otherwise everything is just contained in the dialogues and attitude to us. However, this does not mean that they will not be there later. The game will be bigger, much more, and it is extremely variable. There will be more and more endings, and believe me, in the future, the dominance will be more pronounced.

3. Drawings... I am well aware that this is a weak part of the game. I do it alone. There are no artists, there is a person who wrote a couple of musical compositions, but there are no artists. To be honest, I often draw art, since I can't draw using references as the basis, I don't take them, but redraw them. It also takes a lot of time, and it's probably obvious that making such a variable game and drawing everything yourself is quite enough... It's hard. Truth. I am thinking of using the services of an artist, but only in the next project.

4. As for the fourth problem, it might be better if you sent an error report or attached a screenshot so that I could understand what exactly is going on and solve the problem. 

Thank you for your feedback and have a nice game)

I installed the game so many times but I still have the same problem... After I sleep the first time and I speak with "Mother russia" a grey error page show up and when I click on "roll back" I get stuck at the end of "mother russia" dialogue if I click again the error page show up.

-sorry for the bad english

Если ты русский, то нет проблем, я знаю этот язык) So...You can send me a bug report and I'll take a look.

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